I’m hooked …..

Saturday April 9, 2016It’s kind of funny to see how ones creative muse opens up a new path for expression and interest. Mind you, when I’m in the process of trying out a new medium I become a bit consumed. Ideas and images fill my mind and I work to feed my curiosity and skill building by going onto the internet. I look to see what other artists are doing, seek out tutorials to help me better understand the methodology and to gather yet more images to fill my mind and hours prior to an expressive attempt. I junk out on Pinterest a lot.

I have no idea why I have ventured to make a 7 panel montage series as my first attempt with the medium. Talk about biting off a big chunk of effort!  My impetuous comes from reading a book on Celtic Christian spirituality. The book describes a Celtic point of view on the creation process presented in Genesis. I could go into a deep analysis of the book and what it says, but seeing that it this is a Saturday morning and all, I’m just too lazy at the moment. I would rather just share my latest montages on Days 4 and 5 of creation. Day 4 speaks to the harmony of God when the balance of the sun and moon were created. Day 5 expresses the creature-li-ness  of  the creator. We are all creatures here on the planet.  Have a blessed day.



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