The Eye as a doorway into the Soul.

I am not one to really mimic nature. The original form built by Mother is majestic, beautiful, extremely complex and outside-the-box. Yet here I am attempting to make a pair of eyes for a sculpture, and need to rummage around in what I have on hand to create them. I live in a place where … Continue reading The Eye as a doorway into the Soul.


The Artistic Process in Montage.

It takes hours of work to create a single photographic montage. I work with all of my own pictures, taken in Nature at one time or another. I carry a small camera with me most places, and my partner often will here me say "I'm going out to take some pics....just look at that sky … Continue reading The Artistic Process in Montage.

Life in Death – an Artistic perspective…

‚ÄúLife in Death" Paper-mache Construction (2017) B. Donohue I constructed a paper mache mask this past October in honor of All Souls Day (Nov 1st) and Dia de Muertos, celebrated on November 2nd. At first, I attempted to paint the mask in the tradition of Hispanic artisans, but found I could not. I am not … Continue reading Life in Death – an Artistic perspective…