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I've lived in northeastern California for almost a quarter of a century now. I have lots of college degrees, work experience and wonder for plants, animals, habitats, ecology, natural cycles of nature, herbalism and lots more. I'm now learning the celestial sphere above my head at night. I love the sacred geometry and intricate balances of our world. My personal theology is pretty much driven by the motto "kindness matters" and I constantly seek to walk in awareness and gratitude toward the grace present in every moment and atom of this place. My passion lies in building Hope and offering Skills and Knowledge about the Earth in this Time of Turning. As humans we definitely find ourselves in a period of deep change. A time where the Shadow of industrial and consumer impacts have now altered the trajectory of Life on this Planet. I deeply believe this to be true. Mother Nature has called, Her deep Song resonates in the Heart of anyone who will listen. Her deep tones are felt in the intricate Balance among all Living things... one can feel it deep within the Earth, it trembles through Her Waters, vibrates among the atoms of Air, and Speaks through the creative forces of Fire. I hear Her Song among the Trees, whose voices tinkle like cascading silver bells. I see Her elementals, who were once shy but now show themselves in a boldness that makes my knees shake. This period of affluency, of comfortable living, is coming to a close. Triggered by our insolence, our disrespect, our insatiable hunger for "more" goods, more services. Our "quality of life" is sustained only through heavy consumption of natural resources... And the angle of repose we think is stable is beginning to teeter beneath our feet. In order to heal Her delicate ecosystems, we need to stop. Stop everything. Realign our Hearts and Actions toward the Source from which our bodies and lives are made.

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