About me…..

My name is Barbara Donohue and welcome to my blog site! I am a contemporary folk artist and live in the tiny hamlet community of Adin in northeastern California on the Modoc Plateau. As long as I can remember, I have held a keen interest and curiosity about plants, animals, rocks, soils, water, atmosphere and the large natural cycles that drive the environment.  I followed these interests in school and have degrees in Natural Science (A.Sc.), Wildlife Biology (B.Sc.), Forestry (B.Sc.), and  M.Sc. in Natural Resources (Wetland and Riparian Ecology). I  am an avid botanist, bird watcher and always look up to view the the sky to observe changes in the clouds, weather and the stars at night.

I have an insatiable curiosity about lots of stuff……the esoteric sciences regarding electromagnetic fields of the body, the light spectrum, all the light we cannot see, the physics of matter, the frequency and vibration of this world, the human psyche and my own. My questions have led me to venture into a spiriitual quest seeking the existence of an originating source for this world and multidimensional reality I live in.

I became disabled at the tender age of 42 from an on the job injury when working as a biologist for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. I was unable to continue working as a field ecologist and found myself picking up beadwork as a hobby. I began Fox Mountain Beadworks in 1998 to pursue making jewelry for “working folks”. My jewelry morphed from seed beads to semiprecious stones and their meanings, to metal work and wire wrapping. Arthritis has settled in my hands now, so I began to seek out new mediums to play with last year. That’s when I discovered paper, paper craft, paper mache, collage and montage. Fox Mountain Beadworks has now morphed into a new business called Fox Mountain Muse. My montage/collage pieces are copyrighted and I plan to print lithographs for online sale later this year.

Thanks for stopping by…….enjoy the post!