Month: May 2019

Gifts from Broadleaf Plantain…

Broadleaf plantain (Plantago major) is commonly found on disturbed soils. It is known as a “camp follower” brought to the North American continent by migrating peoples. The species is native to most of Europe and northern to central Asia. Our ancestors knew of the… Continue Reading “Gifts from Broadleaf Plantain…”

Gifts of the Blackberry

Musings from an Herb-wife in the City… Yesterday I went out to peruse a metaphysical book store in Portland this afternoon (Moon Shadow) and was attracted to a Botanical 0racle card set. Needless to say, plants are my “thing” and I promptly purchased the… Continue Reading “Gifts of the Blackberry”

Journey under ochre-colored skies…

We live in a Time of Turning. A Time of Shadow where ecological trajectories we have depended upon and taken for granted in our encultured way of life are beginning to skew and fall. We have depended upon natural resources for everything from aluminum… Continue Reading “Journey under ochre-colored skies…”

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