It has been a long winter with many musings…

Wow! I put this good site on “ignore” for a few months now. It is not that Life has been boring or nondescript. Winter has a tendency to shove me deep into my own belly button, when my efforts of expression and writing lie close to my fingertips…. Distribution of those thoughts remain short sighted and on a short leash…

I converse primarily online with women who are involved with, an international organization of women who pool their finances to plant millions of trees as a remedial force in the face of global climate change.These women have a passion, yes indeed. They rise in feelings toward Mother Earth, and seek ways to stop the mindless destruction of her ecosystems for “economic” growth and consumeristic patterns of one species… Us. Many feelings, writing, poetry and creative efforts have expressed a mix of emotions toward global climate change and out restoration efforts in planting trees….

  1. Grief over the general disregard most people have for other living Beings and their equal right to coexist;
  2. Dismay over the relative ignorance of most people when it comes to the impacts of their daily choices on global warming;
  3. Shock and surprise at the woundedness within their bodies, psyche and spirituality from simply surviving in a patriarchal-dominated world where the Feminine aspect of life has been distorted, pushed down, and outright killed in history as well as current times;
  4. Anger toward the insufferable stupidity of modern governments to continue support of industries that have a huge impact on global climate;
  5. Hope… in themselves and in other women. That we have the capacity as both individuals and in community, to co-create a New Vision of interconnected relationship between the natural world and ourselves… As well as define a new way of Being through gratitude, respect and love toward the earth and humanity;
  6. Faith that this world is a personal one. That it hears our Intent and Prayers offered through ritual and creative expressions;
  7. Strength in ourselves and in Mother Earth that we can change the trajectory of the impeding environmental collapse fortold by modern scientists.

Strong feelings for such a resilient group…. are you willing to dive in and help?

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