About me…..

My name is Barbara Donohue and welcome to my blog site! I am a contemporary folk artist and live in the tiny hamlet community of Adin in northeastern California on the Modoc Plateau. As long as I can remember, I have held a keen interest and curiosity about plants, animals, rocks, soils, water, atmosphere and the large natural cycles that drive the environment.  I followed these interests in school and have degrees in Natural Science (A.Sc.), Wildlife Biology (B.Sc.), Forestry (B.Sc.), and  M.Sc. in Natural Resources (Wetland and Riparian Ecology). I have an insatiable curiosity about lots of stuff……the esoteric sciences regarding electromagnetic fields of the body, the light spectrum, all the light we cannot see, the physics of matter, the frequency and vibration of this world, the human psyche and my own.

I have entered the years of Crone, of Elder, Sage. I find this time one of HUGE change and transformation…..especially on the Spiritual plane where synthesis and gestalt processes are driving me deeper into the experience of the Great Mystery that makes up our world. Nothing is as it seems …. there are layers of unperceived frequencies, interrelatedness, interdependence and resonances of reality to explore and embrace. I am changing, opening and becoming the person I was born to Be in this lifetime, with my own Purpose and gifts to release to a World in need of Healing and Balance….hang on! It may be a bumpy ride..